Volume : 3, Issue : 3, AUG 2019


Sk Suhal, B. Siddeswara Rao, Ramabathina Srinivasulu


A flywheel is an inertial energy-storage device. It absorbs mechanical energy and serves as a reservoir, storing energy during the period when the supply of energy is more than the requirement and releases it during the period when the requirement of energy is more than the supply.  The performance of a flywheel can be attributed to three factors, i.e., geometry of flywheel, rotational speed and material strength.


In the present work, a flywheel design problem is formulated for punching machine which has to be make holes of 30 holes/minute on a steel plate of 18mmthickness with space limitation that is the diameter of flywheel should not exceed 1000mm, hence it can be observed that the design of the flywheel is to be carried out (based) on the availability of space limitation and accordingly the fluctuation of energy, and dimensions of the flywheel were determined. The stresses induced in the flywheel were considered for safe design.


fly wheel, punching machine, disk and arm.

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