Volume : 3, Issue : 3, AUG 2019


Mr. Vijay Kumar


In this study there is an emphasis on the demanded action for the best management of natural resource under the prominent role of social institution like family, educational institute (School) , Government and some volunteer organization, i.e NGO’s is explored to its original spirit. These enlisted institution’s role is also been taken to understand and depict clearly in environment protection. This study also tries to unfold the layers of efficiency regarding different social institution and highlights the role in hierarchy. It advocates especially about a basic but vital one social institution role i.e family also talks about the highly needed collaboration among these above said institutions to accomplish the aimed target for the welfare of society and humanity at the same time. The study shows firm belief that natural resources is a precious gift what else “nature” can present to society. It is just a game of management when the resources can be well protected and manifested judiciously which intern will lead to protection of natural amenities and environment.


Social Institution, Depict, Hierarchy, Natural resources, Environmental Protection.

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